Most organisations depend on information technology to conduct their business, security assurance is fundamental to what they do. Effective controls are required to mitigate risk. The business, and all its stakeholders; customers, suppliers, partners and staff, need to have confidence in the communications systems used together with evidence that shared information is appropriately protected. However, understanding the risks and knowing what to do about them is academic unless you deliver the controls required to reduce those risks. Providing assurance that the controls are fit-for-purpose, correctly implemented and remain sustainable throughout the IT lifecycle is what is really important

NenConsulting IT and Security GmbH supports all operations in the field of strategic security management, information security management, strategic process management, quality management, environmental protection, energy efficiency, service delivery management, information security, service assurance, data privacy management, technical concepts in accordance with national laws and business continuity management.

We help our clients to implement appropriate and cost-effective controls to protect and secure their information assets against perceived or unknown threats and provide evidence that they are operating as expected. We help organisations ensure that the appropriate technical, physical and procedural controls are built into their IT lifecycle and are effective across the range of services they offer.

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