Our Approach

At NenConsulting IT and Security GmbH we deliver a comprehensive suite of consulting solutions and services for enterprise-class organizations including businesses, governments and educational institutions.

The activities reach from information and communication technology management, development of high technology products, management systems, design- engineering- construction of facilities and consultancy services.

NenConsulting IT and Security GmbH has earned its excellent reputation in the field of information technology management and others during the design and implementation of such solutions across its customer base. This is evident in many successful projects, which were performed for small- and mid-sized customers, especially in the engineering-, construction-, IT- and public sectors. The quality requirements, at such projects, are particularly high.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of consultants, researchers and analysts with a wide range of skills and experience supporting public and private clients to achieve their strategic and operational aims through research. We are focused on providing our clients with effective research and evidence that adds value and makes a difference.